Eucharistic Ministers

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Spanish Coordinators
Jorge & Rebecca Ponce
English Coordinators
Jeanne/Dan Iman
(760) 721-9606
Spanish Co-Coordinator
Francisco & Irma Rodriguez
English Co-Coordinator
Rose Paz
(760) 793-0655


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I want to be a Eucharistic Minister… What can I expect?

I can expect that each time I share the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ with others in the community that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that I will learn to see people with God’s eyes and love them as God does — unconditionally.

Liturgical Eucharistic Ministers are blessed with the opportunity to assist the Presider in the distribution of the true Body and Blood of Christ! The Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith; the place where we encounter Jesus in the most personal intimate way. It should be the “heart” of our life. Eucharistic Ministers have the opportunity to share this wondrous gift of Jesus with the church community. It is an incredible experience to offer the precious Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ to others, making them aware over and over that we are all sisters and brothers in Christ.


Q. What about training?
A. Training/certification workshops are held quarterly.

Q. Is it necessary to be certified by the Diocese?
A. The Diocese requires all parishes to ensure that Eucharistic Ministers are certified in their parish before they can serve.

Q. What is the time commitment?
A. Most Eucharistic Ministers make themselves available to serve two to three times a month at the Sunday Liturgies. If one can only be available for one service a month, that, too, can be arranged. On occasions, ministers have the opportunity to sign up for special liturgies (Christmas, Easter, etc.) If you attend Mass, why not participate in that Mass instead of just sitting the congregation? It is truly fulfilling.

When are members of this ministry most needed?
Every Mass needs Eucharistic Minister to assist in the celebration. Be a part of this Ministry!

Liturgical Eucharistic Minister Prayer

Lord Jesus, we believe that you are truly present in the holiest
Sacrament and we love you. Come into our hearts and never leave us.
Please touch our indifference to You in the Holy Eucharist.
Touch our faith and deepen it more than ever before.
Heal any sense of routine and make us truly appreciate this ‘Pearl of Great Price.’ Amen.