An Endearing Image of Jesus

The Good Shepherd

Peace and all Good! Happy Easter Time!

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is traditionally referred to as Good Shepherd Sunday. Each year on this Sunday, the evangelists give us this most endearing image of Jesus. Hearing the Shepherd’s voice, followers recognize and know he is their God. Safe in the knowledge that they cannot be taken from the hand of the Shepherd, those who hear his voice follow as faithful believers, willing to go where God calls and sends them.

In today’s Gospel, the image of Jesus is even more profound. Here Jesus says that he is “the gate.” In the Gospel according to John, Jesus is not only the shepherd leading his sheep to the heavenly Father; he is also the gate through which the sheep pass to encounter the Father. Like all those who followed Jesus in his lifetime, and the thousands who were baptized in Christ’s name following Peter’s speech, we are the sheep today who hear and follow the voice of the shepherd.

As I write this letter, we are still following “stay in place.” I must admit that I am longing to get out more—not just the grocery store—and do the things that are just plain fun! I can’t wait to go out for dinner and share a good Italian meal. Shopping for a few things around the friary and even geƫting a haircut! But we know the reality. It’s not time yet. Please hold one another in prayer and send that positive energy out to one another. Together we will get through this!

This Sunday afternoon, I invite you to tune into our website to be graced by a delightful performance of special organ music by Ms. Emma Whitten, our parish organist, in honor of “Flores de Mayo”—”The Flowers of May,” as we begin this month of May dedicated to Mary. Also featured will be soprano Maria Janus, featuring uplifting Marian songs. The concert starts at 2:00 p.m. I suggest you check in at 1:45 p.m. and enjoy the performance!

Love, Fr. Vince

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