Announcements 3-22-23


On Saturday, March 25, and Sunday, March 26 after all masses, our parish Knights of Columbus, Squires, and Roses (Knights Youth Group) will be accepting the following for our Parish Social Concerns Easter food baskets:

Canned Soup, Chili, Boxed Dinners, Canned Vegetables, Tuna, SPAM, Boxed Cereal, Jelly/Jam, Canned Fruit, Macaroni and Cheese, Peanut Butter, Crackers, Granola Bars, Toiletries, Toothbrushes & Toothpaste, Deodorant.

Please look for the tables outside after Masses. Thank you for your donations to help hungry families in our community.

The full schedule for Palm Sunday is in the bulletin. For Sunday Masses, on April 2nd, the 8 AM and 10 AM will be celebrated outside. We ask that you bring your chairs and sun protection. Limited seating will be provided for our elderly and those with difficulties.

Our Bishop, Cardinal McElroy, has given the pastor of each parish the liberty to decide when to return to the practice of distributing the Precious Blood. We will begin on Holy Thursday, April 6. We understand that some of you may still want to refrain from receiving the common chalice due to medical situations or other reasonable causes. This is permissible since receiving under both species is NOT an obligation. 

The Church has always taught the doctrine of concomitance, by which we know that under each species alone, the whole Christ is sacramentally present.

Also, we need more volunteers to be Eucharistic Ministers. If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office at 760-757-3250

Welcome to parishioners coming back after being away for some time, to new parishioners, and to those visiting us today.  Are you new to our parish?  Please click here for a brochure with some information about our parish community.

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