Announcements for the weekend of 10-11-2020

  1. Remember the Knights of Columbus has their Annual Christmas Card Sale, all proceeds go to Franciscan Seminarians. You will find more information about ordering and the brochure here on our website.
  2. Next weekend, we will have a special collection for World Mission Sunday. You can also donate at Thanks for your generosity.
  3. Join Father Sam and the Knights of Columbus for a prayer vigil at Vista Planned Parenthood on Saturday, October 17 at 11 AM. Signup here at As this is a prayer vigil and not a protest, please do not wear posters or clothing with political logos.
  4. The upcoming elections offer a valuable opportunity for all Catholics to think about how we might apply the messages of Scripture and Catholic teaching to the priority issues of our society. The Catholic Bishops of the United States urge us to recognize the moral and ethical dimensions of these issues, and “to go beyond partisan politics, to analyze campaign promises with a critical eye and to choose political leaders according to their principle, not their political affiliation or self-interest “(Living the Gospel of life, no. 34). We encourage all parishioners to be well informed about the main issues and to go out and vote. For more information on Catholic teaching regarding our civic responsibilities, visit: or in Spanish,

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