Explore the Vision of the Parish


Our Parish Council, together with the Pastoral Staff, has put together the main objectives for our Parish for the 2023-2024 year.  Our main three objectives are: 

Objective 1: Deepening Eucharistic Encounters

• Expand opportunities for Adoration and confession. 

• Offer Eucharist educational programs. 

• Incorporate the Eucharist into all gatherings. 

• Share the Good News beyond our parish. 

Objective 2: Empowering Youth and Young Adults 

• Enhance faith formation with the Eucharist focus. 

• Provide family understanding workshops.

 • Foster meaningful relationships with Jesus.

 • Create mentorship opportunities. 

Objective 3: Nurturing a Communion of Diverse Cultures 

• Embrace cultural diversity in Eucharistic celebrations. 

• Encourage cultural sharing and presentations.

• Promote cross-cultural Eucharistic formation.

 Please click here to read our plan in depth, and join us in making the plan a reality.  

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