Father Martín Carbajo Nuñez, OFM: Special Guest

Hispanic Lectors 2019

The Spanish Lectors welcomed a special guest to their workshop on Saturday, December 7th. Father Martín Carbajo Nuñez, OFM, is a visiting professor at the Franciscan School of Theology with a specialization in Moral Theology, a Masters in Social Communication, and a qualification as a computer technician. Since the work of the lectors is to proclaim the Word of God to the assembly, Fr. Martín offered a Franciscan perspective to the importance of that work of faith. He also teaches from the Encyclical letter of John Paul II.

“The new Information Technologies are already unavoidably embedded in our daily life. For many people, they are ‘the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration’ (John Paul II, “Encyclical letter Redemptoris misio“, 7-12-1990, n. 37). We are in a new culture, a new way of being and thinking; so we can rightly say that, in social communication, our destiny is at stake. With my research and academic activity, I try to discern how to inhabit the new digital environment, taking inspiration from the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition.”

Martín Carbajo Núñez, OFM.

Special thanks to parish photographer, Maria Schmidt, for these photographs.

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