God Is Always With Us

From Our Pastor

The readings for today remind us that God is always with us and always caring for us, no matter where we are or what our circumstances are. The first reading tells of how Peter and John went from Jerusalem to Samaria to pray with the people there and call down the Holy Spirit on them. The psalm is our response to God’s loving care for us. The second reading tells us that Christ suffered for all of us, righteous and sinners alike. And in the gospel, Jesus tells us that he has not abandoned us. He has sent the Holy Spirit to be with us always. Jesus stresses the importance of obedience to His commandments as a demonstration of our love for Him. The gospel highlights the fact that true faith is not just a matter of belief but also requires a commitment to living a life that is pleasing to God, following the example set by Jesus.

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Both the gospel and the second reading emphasize the importance of love for Christ. In John, Jesus tells His disciples that those who love Him will keep His commandments, and in 1 Peter, the apostle urges believers to always be ready to defend their faith with gentleness and respect, out of love for Christ. Love is central to the Christian faith, as love for Christ should motivate and guide all of our actions and decisions. Jesus promises His disciples that He will send them the Holy Spirit, who will be with them forever. The gospel emphasizes the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer, as the Spirit guides and empowers us to live out our faith and remain connected to Christ. As we continue our Easter season, may we continue being a good example for others to embrace the Gospel in all our actions.

By next month, right at the Corpus Christi celebration, our Catholic church in the U.S. will start a 3-year Eucharistic revival; so in preparation for that, I would like to quote our Pope Francis on the Eucharist on June 19, 2022: “for in the warmth of his presence, our lives change, without him, everything would truly be gray. Adoring the Body and Blood of Christ, let us ask him with our heart: ‘Lord, give me the daily bread to go forward, Lord, satisfy me with your presence!’”

Pace et bene, Fr. Oscar Mendez, OFM

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Sixth Sunday of Easter

Flow Through Us Generous God, you pour your infinite love upon the whole world. Thank you for infusing every cell of our bodies and every seed of creation with your Holy Spirit. Open our eyes to recognize this gift of love flowing through our lives.

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