It’s Día del Niño! Children’s Day!

From Our Director of Religious Education

Dear Children,

Today we celebrate you! It’s Día del Niño! Children’s Day! In Mexico, children have a special holiday just for them (and it’s not Christmas, that’s about Jesus). Our parish celebrates it here in your honor.

(En Español)

In today’s readings, we heard Psalm 23, it’s about the Good Shepherd who takes care of his sheep and keeps them safe. In the Gospel, we heard that Jesus said he is the Good Shepherd and those who hear his voice and follow him are his sheep. There is also another parable in the Bible in the Gospel of Luke, where Jesus talks about the Good Shepherd again, but this time he tells a story about a lost sheep. The sheep strays away from the flock and the shepherd leaves the 99 sheep to go find the one little sheep who was lost. He finds it and brings it back to safety.

In all of these parables, Jesus expresses his love and care for his sheep. The sheep love him in return, they follow him because they know him and know they are loved and cared for by him. When Jesus says that he is the Good Shepherd, this means he must have a flock of sheep. Can you guess who the sheep are? You and I are the sheep. Jesus says he cares for us and will always keep us safe, but we must listen and follow his voice. He warns us that there are thieves who lie and try to steal us away from him. Who or what do you think those thieves are? It could be sin, temptation or anything that distracts us from God.

You see, sheep are cute animals, but they need lots of attention. They need to be cared for. They are not fierce and have little to no protection if attacked by predators. They need the shepherd. Humans as babies, are completely dependent on the love, protection, and care of their parents. This is why Jesus compares us to sheep and himself to the Shepherd. He loves us so much like parents love their children.

Everything that Jesus talks about can apply to our lives. I invite you to discuss these questions with your family. Have you ever heard the Good Shepherd’s voice calling you? How do you try to follow the voice of the Good Shepherd? What “thieves” are trying to distract you from following the Good Shepherd? Are you trusting God, the Good Shepherd, to care for you, protect you and provide for all your needs?

I hope you have a wonderful Día del Niño. May God bless you always. Love, Mrs. Sandra Dominguez

(En Español)

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