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Fr. Vince Celebrates Mass


Wednesday, Daily Mass, (English) 12 pm
Thursday, Daily Mass, (Spanish) 7 pm

Sunday Mass, (English) 10 am
Sunday Mass, (Spanish) 12 pm

Mass & Event Recordings

Whenever possible, please make plans to join us live if you can. It’s a great opportunity to dress up with the kids, sit down together, and pray as a family. The Gospel Readings and the Homily provide topics for faith-filled discussions at home or with friends.

Latest Masses

Want to go back to the mass recording to hear Father’s homily again? Recordings of Masses, concerts, and special events in Serra Center can be found after the fact later on our website under LATEST MASSES.  But, please be aware that recordings don’t work 100% of the time. They are provided remotely by a third party and might take days to upload if any technical issues arise.

With the COVID-19 crisis, internet providers are experiencing a persistently increased load — handling traffic increases upwards of 40% in some cases. That means speed reductions, so your local connection can suffer. This can cause stuttering or dropouts or frozen videos, all signs of local speed reductions during live streams and playbacks, or online recordings. The best course if this happens is to try reloading the stream with the RELOAD CURRENT PAGE button on your internet browser. Chrome is the best browser to use.

If you are looking for our parish video archives, please go to our YouTube channel for an archive of past recordings. After a video has been on our DACAST streaming service, it is downloaded, edited, and uploaded to our YouTube channel by a volunteer from the Communications Ministry. You will find past masses, concerts, and mass preludes featuring beautiful music by members of our music ministry.

We are hoping to have the choice of being able to live-stream from YouTube, but we need a thousand subscribers to do so. Won’t you consider subscribing today?

Daily Reflection Videos

Go to and click VIDEOS on your mobile phone, or click DAILY REFLECTIONS on your desktop computer.

Using the Safari browser, click then select "Add to Home Screen" and click "Add."