Stewardship and “Screwtape” — A Message for Halloween!

Imagine a stranger coming to your door, making demands accompanied by threats. Worse, he’s wearing a disguise. The night is dark, the moon hidden by fall leaves still clinging to the trees. What a terrifying scenario. But, wait! It’s October 31, and the strangers are very small. They’re disguised as little Batmen and ballerinas, pirates […]

Hey, Parents! Join us!

Kids in Religious Education classes Sundays, at 9:00 am?   Join the Catholic Parents’ Community! Instead of simply dropping off the kid(s) and coming back 45 minutes later to pick them up again, stay with the grown-ups and share faith, fun and friendship/  Babies and other family who are not in Religious Education are welcome too.  […]

Bulletin for 10-06-2019

INSIDE: Before the Lord, we’re servants and whatever we do is only what a servant is called to do. As Christian disciples, we are not about the business of earning gold stars or meriting God’s grace! (Fr. Vince – pg. 3)

Lord, Increase Our Faith

Today’s Gospel contains two rather independent sayings or teachings. The first begins with a request or prayer: “Increase our faith.” Jesus’ response points out the strength and power of even a little faith in the parable of the mustard seed growing into a big bush. The second part of the Gospel is the parable of […]

Christ Our Hope

Each October the Church in the United States celebrates Respect Life Month, and the first Sunday of October is observed as Respect Life Sunday. As Catholics, we are called to cherish, defend, and protect those who are most vulnerable, from the beginning of life to its end, and at every point in between. During the […]

St. Francis Festival and the Blessing of the Animals

October 5, 2019 | 10 am to 3 pm A Celebration of Caring for Our Planet, People and Animals      The Franciscan friars and staff of Mission San Luis Rey invite you to celebrate St. Francis and his care for all creation – our planet, people and animals. It will be a day filled […]

Let’s Praise God in Song!

This article is taken from Music Director, Kerey Quaid’s talk at Masses during September. I want to invite you to join one of our parish choirs; and to remind you, in case you don’t want to join a choir, to please sing at mass anyway. I truly encourage everyone at Mass to sing along with […]

Celebrating St. Francis

As you see from this weekend’s bulletin, we are preparing our annual St. Francis Celebrations. I invite you to come to our special Transitus Commemoration—the Passing of St. Francis, on October 3rd at 6:30 p.m. in the Old Mission Church.  This is a very moving ceremony recalling the final hours of St. Francis life. Then, […]

Transitus: A Story of Compassion

On October 3rd, 1226 at the age of 44, St. Francis of Assisi lay dying in the humble Porziuncola, the first church of the Franciscan order.  He not only was in the loving presence of his brother friars; at this time of his ‘Transitus,’ he was also lovingly cared for by a dear friend and […]