Rooted in the Word

From Our Associate Pastor

Today’s theme is that Jesus “speaks” in parables. Christianity is a religion rooted in “The Word.” The Word made flesh in Christ and the Word that is incarnated in every Christian. Hence, language is something more than an instrument of communication, it is a form of human communion.

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The Word needs to be listened to and acted out. For this reason, the living Word must always be listened to. It is not by reading the Scripture habitually, but by listening to the Word that it is effective. Hence, the Word is not a concept that expresses a set of limits and guidelines, but it is a resource of strength that helps to reveal the fullness of what is within humanity to a person and guides them to the realization of what Jesus called the Kingdom of God. The Gospel is the saving force of God planted in the hearts of people and in life. The effectiveness of the Word is in the reception and in the response that each one of us gives it.

On Friday, June 30, Father Sam and I went to celebrate the Eucharist for the workers and owners of Mellano Farms. It was an incredible experience to be able to celebrate the Mass in the open air, admiring the beautiful creation of God, and God, and asking for his blessings for our brothers and sisters and their families.

Here, different kinds of flowers and plants are planted to make floral arrangements. These sisters and brothers have great knowledge of the land, the climate, and all of the necessary conditions needed to grow these plants. They also have a very special connection to these plants. These sowers not only listened with their ears, but they also developed a close communion with the plants, in order to provide them special care and growth. These plants, to a certain extent, recognize the hand of those who care for them and, with humility, they become dependent on their care. Thus Jesus, and now the disciples of Jesus, like the sower, go out to sow with the conviction and with the hope of infecting everyone with the new proposal of our God of Love and his desire to transform us into new human beings. Beings who are capable of overcoming the hardness and dullness of our hearts; when we allow the Word of Life to come into our hearts.

Peace and good, Fr. Salvador Mejia, OFM

(En Español)

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