Vivir Nuestra Fe

Tómese un momento para este breve mensaje de video del Diácono Sal sobre cómo Caridades Católicas apoya a aquellos a quienes servimos aquí en la Parroquia Misión San Luis Rey.

Living Our Faith: Religious Education

Please take a moment for this short video message from Sandra Dominguez and our Religious Education team about how Catholic Charities supports the children and families we serve here at Mission San Luis Rey Parish.

Renewing Hope

This weekend begins our Annual Catholic Appeal 2021, with the theme of Renewing Hope. Your donation brings hope to young people and families, to our parish communities, and our world. Bishop McElroy invites you to prayerfully consider supporting this splendid work of the Lord. To find out more, click for the video. To donate, click Read More

Respond to God’s Grace

The 2019 Annual Catholic Appeal, “Responding to God’s Grace”, is your opportunity to make possible the work that affects so many in our diocese: assistance to the poor, formation of new priests and care for our retired priests, evangelization and accompaniment of Young Adults, the consoling presence of Christ for those imprisoned, and education of Read More

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