Bulletin for 3-17-2019

INSIDE: The Transfiguration gives us a glimpse of the Resurrection and a taste of the glory which is to be found on the other side of the cross. Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 3-10-2019

INSIDE: The practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving offer opportunities for all of us to make Jesus’ call to repentance a personal journey in these forty days. Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 3-03-2019

INSIDE: The Season of Lent brings forth some of the most beautiful and tangible devotions of our Catholic Faith. – Fr. Vince, (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 2-24-2019

INSIDE: Jesus’ disciples are to extend mercy in the same manner in which the Father does. We remember The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 2-17-2019

INSIDE: “Luke’s Gospel…addresses a topic about which Luke is passionate: God’s care for the poor and the marginalized. How are you poor? How are you rich? How might you give from your wealth?” -Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 2-3-2019

INSIDE: Here again we find the generosity of so many in the parish community to “feed the hungry” and support those whose needs are so  great! ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 1-27-2019

INSIDE: “’…He is the anointed one, the Messiah. He comes with good news for the poor, the sick, the captive. He comes to bring jubilee, the year of favor in which all debts are revoked and people can begin fresh and free.’” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 1-20-2019

INSIDE: In the miracle at Cana, Jesus reveals his glory in the Gospel according to John. On this initial Sunday of Ordinary Time, we begin to believe anew in him as the disciples began to believe for the first time. ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 1-13-2019

INSIDE: Our baptism marked the beginning of our Christian lives. God the Father looked upon us with pride and declared: “You are my beloved sons and daughters, upon whom my favor rests.” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

Bulletin for 1-06-2019

INSIDE: “On Epiphany we celebrate that the child born in the darkness of night in a lowly manger is revealed as the manifestation (the meaning of epiphany) of God. Christ is revealed in any ways: as Lord, as King as the one in whom God is present and acts.” ‐ Fr. Vince (pg. 3)