Prepare for the Master’s Return

In today’s Gospel parable as given to us from St. Luke, the master is away at a wedding feast. In Jesus’ telling of this story, he focuses on those who await the master’s return. They have been instructions and are expected to carry them out. The servants do not know when the master will return. Read More

Growing Rich in God

Fool is not a word we are accustomed to hearing Jesus use. Jesus’ use of the word in today’s parable is done to drive home a very important reality. Earthly wealth does not matter to God. What matters is our direction in life. Have we renounced greed? Is our life headed in the direction of Read More

Abba! Father!

The Lord’s Prayer, the “Our Father,” has taken on an appropriate prominence in our celebration of Mass. One reason is that thanks to the changes which came with Vatican II, we all may say or sing this prayer! Some of us recall that before the liturgical renewal, only the priest was allowed to say this Read More

Spirituality and Action

Have you ever been to “Martha’s” home? You are treated with kindness and hospitality. The best china, delicious desserts come out. But all the while your friend is busy in the kitchen and you never really get to visit. You wish that he or she would sit down with you? Have you ever been to Read More

Who is my neighbor, Lord?

Peace and all Good! “Just exactly who is my neighbor, Lord?” Jesus tells the lawyer the now-famous story of the Good Samaritan. We know it well—a beloved story of children in Sunday school and to all of us throughout the world! The truth of this story is revealed in the way each of the characters Read More

Time is Short

Dear Friends, Peace and All Good! “Let the dead bury their dead” is not a polite thing to say to a person who only wants to provide a simple, human service to his father. But, time is short and Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and to his death. It must be said that Read More

Jesus Comes to Us

The Feast of Corpus Christi is a Catholic liturgical solemnity celebrating the real presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in the elements of the Eucharist. Every time that we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, we believe that Jesus comes to us, and makes himself real in his body Read More

Our God is For Us

Having faith in and being in a relationship with a Triune God should not be difficult for us to grasp. Our God is for us. God created us in his image, God dwelt among us as the Son and now remains with us in truth and as our strength and guidance. Everything God does, God Read More

“Truly, today we celebrate Divine Mercy”

Peace and all Good! Today is the Second of Easter and also established by St. John Paul II as Divine Mercy Sunday. In the readings for today’s Mass, fear is contrasted with confidence. John’s confidence comes from his encounter with the Risen Jesus in today’s Gospel. This encounter carried the greeting, “Peace be with you.” Read More

…When it comes to mercy and compassion, God spares no expense

Peace and all Good! For Luke, God’s reconciling love is the core of Jesus’ teaching. Indeed, St. Luke’s Gospel is called the Gospel of Mercy. Today’s Gospel features the most beautiful story in the Scriptures: The Prodigal Son. After the son takes his portion of his father’s inheritance, he goes off to a far away Read More

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