We are all searching for Peace. Relief. Refuge.

Recently, the global migration crisis has been making the headlines and understanding what our Christian response to this should be is often difficult.  As part of our Share the Journey Campaign, explore this complex issue in a prayerful and mindful way.  If you have questions or want to learn about the problems facing thousands of Read More

Pope Francis invites us to ‘Share the Journey’

November 10th at 9am starting at the Mission San Luis Rey Parish Serra Center Pope Francis launched the ‘Share the Journey’ campaign to transform the culture of indifference that exists about the 65 million migrants and refugees fleeing violence, extreme poverty, and injustice – to a culture of encounter. Fr. Vince Mesi, OFM, pastor of Read More

Why, in a world of plenty, do millions go to bed hungry?

During our Stewardship month, we are reminded to ask ourselves a question — why,  in a world of plenty, do millions go to bed hungry each night?  Is poverty the only answer?  How does unemployment, household assets, and even demographics make it difficult for everyone to have food every day?     Today on World Food Read More

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