We Were Born Ready

From the Pastor’s Desk In today’s Psalm, we pray: “God, in your goodness, you have made a home for the poor.” God truly does take care of the poor—by our hands! As the Body of Christ on earth, we are being made perfect whenever we invite the poor, the lame, the suffering, and the excluded […]

Nacimos Listos

En el Salmo de hoy, rezamos: “Preparaste, oh Dios, casa para los pobres”. Dios realmente cuida de los pobres, ¡por nuestras manos! Como Cuerpo de Cristo en la tierra, somos perfeccionados cada vez que invitamos a los pobres, los lisiados, los que sufren y los excluidos a compartir las bendiciones espirituales y materiales que hemos […]

Feast of San Luis Rey Map / Mapa para la Fiesta de San Luis Rey

Please refer to the following map for parking and seating instructions for the Feast of San Luis Rey on Friday, August 27th. Mass begins at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Mission Church, followed by the Procession of the Saint and multicultural entertainment. (click to enlarge) Consulte el siguiente mapa para instrucciones sobre el estacionamiento […]

Advent and Holiday Schedule

Thank you for observing Advent and the Christmas Season with us here at Mission San Luis Rey Parish. Below is our schedule for the upcoming celebrations in our Parish. Happy Advent! For a PDF version of this calendar, click here

Spirituality and Action

Have you ever been to “Martha’s” home? You are treated with kindness and hospitality. The best china, delicious desserts come out. But all the while your friend is busy in the kitchen and you never really get to visit. You wish that he or she would sit down with you? Have you ever been to […]

Bulletin for 7/21/19

INSIDE: What does the Gospel call us to do? I think Jesus invites us to be both Mary and Martha – attentive to another’s needs and simply sharing our presence with those who come to us. (Fr. Vince – Pg. 3)

“Truly, today we celebrate Divine Mercy”

Peace and all Good! Today is the Second of Easter and also established by St. John Paul II as Divine Mercy Sunday. In the readings for today’s Mass, fear is contrasted with confidence. John’s confidence comes from his encounter with the Risen Jesus in today’s Gospel. This encounter carried the greeting, “Peace be with you.” […]

Bulletin for 4-28-19

INSIDE: “Peace be with you.” Now this greeting is more than just a wish or a hope. It is a statement. It does not mean “may peace be with you.” It mean “peace is with you.” And because of this the apostles rejoice! – Fr. Vince (pg. 3)

…When it comes to mercy and compassion, God spares no expense

Peace and all Good! For Luke, God’s reconciling love is the core of Jesus’ teaching. Indeed, St. Luke’s Gospel is called the Gospel of Mercy. Today’s Gospel features the most beautiful story in the Scriptures: The Prodigal Son. After the son takes his portion of his father’s inheritance, he goes off to a far away […]

Bulletin for 3-31-19

INSIDE: We are to learn from this parable that when it comes to mercy and compassion, God spares no expense. As the father in the parable says: “We had to celebrate. This son of mine was lost and has been found, he was dead and has come back to life.”

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