Celebrating St. Francis

At Mission San Luis Rey Parish, we are blessed to be surrounded by Franciscans. Our Franciscan Brothers of the Order of Friars Minor live right next door to us at the Mission.

Fr. Tommy King, OFM and "little Francis", dressed for a religious education activity.
Fr. Tommy King, OFM and “little Francis”, dressed for a religious education activity.

They preach, serve the poor and sick, work as priests, pastor us, mentor our children, and walk beside us as equal partners to the suffering and the joyous. When visitors come to the parish, often they remark on the peace that is felt here. The joy. The sense of welcome. The focus on Jesus in the Eucharist. Meeting Christ in each other and the Word.

This gentle focus on living the Gospel of Jesus Christ was inspired by one man, a humble saint from Assisi in Italy who lived a long time ago. His affection for the poor, animals, and creation ring out loudly across the ages, resonating today in our own hearts.


It will be a week of joy you don’t want to miss. See you there!

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