Annual Catholic Appeal -2024, United in Christ

Annual Catholic Appeal

We would like to thank all of you who have already turned in your pledge card for the Annual Catholic Appeal. Your pledges help us reach our Parish goal and aid the Faith Formation of our children and youth, the retirement and care of our Franciscan Friars, and the mission of our Social Outreach programs. If you haven’t already completed your pledge, please take a moment to donate today. Remember, these donations can be given throughout the year to fulfill your commitment, and anything we collect beyond our goal is returned to the parish. We thank you for your spirit of generosity.

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports the formation of and cares for our priests, who dedicate their lives to God and the service and love of all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Appeal supports our Catholic schools and faith formation programs, which bring hope and faith to our young people and lead us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Appeal supports the Office of Marriage, Family Life, and Spirituality in its focus on strengthening the family at this time in our history. The Appeal helps Catholic Charities continue the good works of serving our neediest brothers and sisters and all who have suffered most greatly from the social and economic devastation of the past year.

Bishop McElroy invites you to consider supporting this splendid work of the Lord prayerfully. To donate, click here.

Grisel Barrios shares the work of our parish Food Pantry, which the Annual Catholic Appeal helps.
Your donation aids our retired priests at Mission San Luis Rey Parish.
Your donation helps to support Religious Education at Mission San Luis Rey Parish

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