This Is My Beloved Son

Fr. Alberto Villafan, OFM


In this weekend’s Gospel, the second Sunday of Lent, Jesus foretells his resurrection to his apostles. Jesus takes Peter, James, and John with him to witness his resurrection in his transfiguration. This demonstration was so wonderful that they didn’t even know what to say or how to explain the experience. While Jesus is transfigured, Elijah and Moses appear on the scene. Elijah represents the last of the Old Testament prophets, and Moses represents the Law, the one who liberates and leads the people of Israel to the promised land.

He Is the Lord!

What the apostles were experiencing was so beautiful that Peter proposed to Jesus to build three huts: one for Him, one for Elijah, and one for Moses. Suddenly, a cloud formed in the sky, covering them with its shadow, and the voice of the Heavenly Father was heard, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.” After the transfiguration and our Heavenly Father’s announcement to the apostles, Jesus told them not to tell anyone about what they had experienced until “the Son of Man had risen from the dead.” Surely, the disciples did not understand what was happening or how to describe it because it was an unforgettable experience. They did not understand this experience or put it into practice until Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to them on different occasions.

How many of us have had that kind of experience with Jesus? Indeed, we have had inexplicable experiences when we have lived through moments of illness, uncertainty, darkness, or lack of faith and hope in Jesus. It is extremely important to remember that our dark times have increased our faith and hope in Jesus because those experiences do not have the last word. “None of that can separate us from the love of Jesus.” Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. That is why Jesus anticipates his Resurrection to his apostles so they also rise with Him. When we are dying and leaving this temporary earthly life, let us never forget and much less lose sight of the fact that Jesus is going to resurrect us and take us with Him. , “so that where He is, we may also be with Him.”

The question is this: do we believe in what our Heavenly Father said to the apostles, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him”? Do we listen to Jesus, no matter what happens, no matter what we are experiencing? It would be very important to ask ourselves these questions every day, especially when we are living very hard and inexplicable moments. Jesus always walks with us, he never abandons us and he will never abandon us, no matter what happens. In this time of Lent, let us dedicate more time to prayer, reading, and meditating on the Holy Scriptures. There, we find all the answers to the questions we may have. Let us never forget the recommendation of our Heavenly Father to listen to his beloved Son, Jesus. During this Lent, I invite you to delve deeper into the words of our Heavenly Father to increase our trust, hope, and faith in Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer. Let us never forget that no matter what happens, whatever happens, JESUS ​​ALWAYS HAS THE LAST WORD. Amen.

With Love, Fray Alberto Villafan, OFM

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