The Widow and the Judge

The Gospel parable about the widow’s persistence in petitioning the judge is directed toward changing his mind so that he will act and render a just decision. Our prayer is not about changing God’s mind, however. Rather our persistent prayer is about a faithful relationship to God that “expands us and our expectations of how God is to act. God always acts justly. The challenge of the gospel is to keep on praying to a God who wills only good for us. Sometimes this requires that we must change our minds.” (Working with the Word, Liturgical Press)

If you do not have your tickets yet for our delightful “Evening with the Friars”, then you can purchase them (here online or) after Mass today. This fundraiser will benefit our parish operating expenses as well as support a Franciscan friar student at the Franciscan School of Theology. We will begin with a social hour that includes food, drink and raffle opportunities for great prizes; as well as entertainment by Lupe Rios and Italian Folk Dancers! You can also bid on some fabulous offerings such as a weekend getaway package to San Francisco or to the scenic beauty of Colorado! The dinner will feature foods unique to various regions of Italy specially prepared and catered for us by premier Italian restaurant “Mangia e Bevi” right here in Oceanside! Of course, you won’t want to miss the stories and sharing of four of our Franciscan brothers. So, don’t wait! Come along and have a wonderful Evening with the Friars at “A Taste of Italy” on November 15th.

Mark your calendars now for our Annual Military and Veterans Appreciation Breakfast on Sunday morning, November 10th. Everyone is invited and welcome to come to breakfast in honor of those serving our country! See the bulletin for more details!

Last weekend was Stewardship Commitment Sunday. Everyone was given an opportunity to renew their financial pledge to the parish for this new year. So far, we have received 157 pledge cards with a net gain of $3,300.00 per month in the Sunday offering. There are more than this many households in our parish, so if you did not fill out a card last week, I invite you to do so this week. In the event that circumstances in your life will change, we understand the need to modify your commitment. However, making a planned, proportionate and sacrificial weekly gift to the parish will be a great asset to our financial planning for the year. Thank you again for your generosity!

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