Inherit the Kingdom

Today’s readings make us meditate on the close relationship that unites a son with his father. The first reading tells us about the sacrifice that God asks of Abraham for his son Isaac. In today’s Gospel, the theme of parents and children appears in a different way. This time it is the Father and Son Read More

Military Appreciation & More

Our Gospel today tells the story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector turned saint! In Jesus’ day tax collectors were a despised lot. They worked for the Romans, the Gentile power who ruled their land. Tax collectors would supplement their income with a surcharge. This despised man was so eager to see Jesus that he climbed Read More

God Can Make Us Whole Again

Today’s Gospel reading is the account of the Pharisee and the tax collector who both go up to the temple to pray. The difference in their prayer is striking. Reread this passage and note the difference not only in their words but in their attitudes. The prayer of the tax collector is every believer’s prayer: Read More

The Widow and the Judge

The Gospel parable about the widow’s persistence in petitioning the judge is directed toward changing his mind so that he will act and render a just decision. Our prayer is not about changing God’s mind, however. Rather our persistent prayer is about a faithful relationship to God that “expands us and our expectations of how Read More

Found by God

The gospel reading for today is the entire 15th chapter of Luke’s gospel. It appears to be all about ‘lost property’: the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. Jesus told these three stories in response to the Pharisees who accused him of consorting with sinners – people who had lost their way. Read More

Renewing Our Discipleship

Peace and all Good! Outside Phoenix, about 30 miles west on Hwy. I-10, you pass a half-built and empty stadium which has never been finished and just sits there empty and crumbling down little by little. I am reminded of the Gospel verse today: “You began to build what you could not finish.” The city Read More

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