Mirror of the Love of God

Today’s Gospel story of Jesus changing water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana is the third revelation of Jesus and what he has been sent to accomplish.  At Christmas, we celebrate the Incarnation—God is revealed in human flesh.  At the Epiphany, Jesus is shown as the light of for all nations—represented by the […]

On You, My Favor Rests

Today we end our Christmas Time with the feast in honor of the Baptism of the Lord. Along with the Epiphany and the Marriage Feast at Cana, the baptism of Jesus is another “theophany” or “revelation” of who Jesus is and what his mission is. When Jesus comes to the Jordan to be baptized by […]

God’s Presence Through Christ

On Epiphany, we celebrate that the child born in the darkness of night in a lowly manger is revealed as the manifestation (the meaning of epiphany) of God. Christ is revealed in many ways: as Lord, as King as the one in whom God is present and acts. All of these manifestations are “lights” that […]

A Source of Light and Hope

We continue our celebration of the Christmas Season with today’s Feast of the Holy Family. This feast day was added to the Church calendar by Pope Leo XIII in 1893. The pope wanted to highlight the importance of the Christian family and to point to the Holy Family as a model of all families to […]

He Will Stand Firm and Shepherd His Flock

Today as we begin this very short Fourth Week of Advent, the readings give us much to reflect on about Jesus — God’s gift to all of us. The Prophet Micha tells the Israelites that from Bethlehem shall come to a ruler “whose origin is from of old,” and he will “stand firm and shepherd […]

Joy is the Echo of God’s Presence!

We hear St. Paul proclaim today: “Rejoice in the Lord, again I say rejoice!” This Third Sunday of Advent is traditionally called Gaudete Sunday—a rejoicing reflected in the rose vestments of today and the lighting of the rose-colored candle on the advent wreath. The Scriptures as well remind us of the joy which is the […]

With a joyful heart…

It would be easy for us to target the modern priest by comparing him to the scribes in today’s Gospel who had a similar role. But when you stop to think about it, none of us can safely point the finger at others on this issue of seeking honors and marks of esteem! We all […]

Going the Way of the Lord – Oct. 28, 2018

Peace and all good! Perhaps we have the experience of being at Mass on Sunday and all of a sudden there is some kind of a disturbance—someone shouting out from the back of the church or walking around for no particular reason. I have heard that the papal Mass at Easter has been interrupted in […]

Serving God and Others

Peace and all good! This week I call our attention to the Opening Prayer (the Collect) of the Mass. The Collect prays that we might always conform our will to God’s will, and serve him in sincerity of heart. Discernment of God’s will is important in figuring out how we are to live as both […]

Mercy and Compassion: October 7, 2018

Peace and all good! In today’s Gospel, Jesus presents his teaching on divorce and remarriage. And remember that the issue is not the divorce alone; it is remarriage that is at the heart of the issue. When the Pharisees remind Jesus that Moses permitted divorce, Jesus responds that Moses allowed it because of the “hardness […]